UBCPC Endorsements for AMS Elections

As the voting ballots continue to cast UBC students’ votes for the AMS elections, UBC Persian Club announces its endorsements for the following candidates:

Vote Bahador Moosavi for AMS VP Academic and University Affairs

UBC Persian Club is proud to be supporting Bahador Moosavi to be elected as our AMS VP Academic and University Affairs in the upcoming year. Being a UBC Persian Club member himself, he has long been involved with activities concerning the Iranian students on campus and has contributed significantly to our community. One of his most major contributions to the Iranian community has been starting a successful campaign which eventually led to foundation of “Iranian Studies and Persian Language Initiative” at UBC. Bahador has also been heavily involved with student teams and both AMS and GSS in the past. As Bahador is in one of most contested races this year and really needs our support, we would like to strongly encourage our members and the Iranian student body to support Bahador in this campaign, both as a passionate Iranian and a great leader (not mentioning his extraordinary acting and singing talents)!

Check out Bahador’s website, and show your support on his campaign facebook event!

Vote Malileh Noghrekar for UBC Senate

Having served as president of our club for almost a year, Malileh has now taken a bigger step towards contributing to the Iranian community, as well as the UBC student body, in a larger scale. Malileh’s leadership skills and vision for positive change does not need much elaboration on, as it is quite evident in the performance of the club in the past year. We believe that her exposure to issues concerning Iranian students can make her a great representative of the Iranian community in Senate; and her passion, original ideas and effective leadership abilities will much be appreciated on our student Senate. We passionately ask our members and the Iranian community to support Malileh and vote for her as our representative on Senate.

Check our Malileh’s website, and join her campaign on facebook!

UBC Persian Club Endorsements for AMS President/Board of Governors Candidates

UBC Persian Club would also like to announce its full endorsement of the AMS President Candidate, Matt Parson and Board of Governors candidates, Sumedha Sharma and Tagg Jefferson in the Elections. Matt, Sumedha and Tagg have proven to be passionate and caring about student and club issues and are willing to work with us in issues concerning the Iranian community on campus. We encourage our members to vote for Matt, Sumedha and Tagg as their AMS President and representatives on Board of Governors. We would also like to mention and thank another BoG candidate, Mike Silley, who has contributed significantly to the student body in the past year in his role as AMS VP Administration.

Voting Period: January 23rd at 12:01am until Friday, January 27th at 5:00pm
Location: Online!
If you are a UBC Student and haven’t voted yet, please VOTE TODAY!

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