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UBCPC Grouse Grind

Every Saturday morning, we will gather in the warm-up space at the base of the mountain and will warm ourselves up for 30 minutes and then hit the Grouse at 9. Please Note that we start hiking right at 9:00am; so, please be on time, or else you would have to climb it all by yourself!

Location: Grouse Grind Warm-up Space
Date: Every Sunday Morning until it gets to cold to climb!
Time: 9:00am ~ 11:00am (it may take more or less time depending on our hiking speed!)

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Wise Princess: Tales of Ancient Persia

UBC Persian Club is proud to host Vancouver Epic Weekend Group for a wonderful night of storytelling: Tales of Ancient Persia.

Join us for the story of “Roudabeh and Zal” from the Shahnameh, and stories from “Haft Peykar” the book written by Nezami.

“Shāhnāmé (Persian: شاهنامه )is an enormous poetic opus written by the Zoroastrian Persian poet Ferdowsi around 1000 AD and is the national epic of Iran. The Shāhnāmeh tells the mythical and historical past of Iran from the creation of the world up until the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century.” Wikipedia.org

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